AirDrive Keylogger – Forensisches Keyloggerkabel

Bereits vor einiger Zeit habe ich über den AirDrive Keylogger berichtet. Er verfügt über eine Wi-Fi Funktion und baut dafür ein eigenes Netzwerk auf. Nun hat AirDrive ein neues Produkte veröffentlicht, ein Keylogger in Form von einem USB Verlängerung Übersicht Arbeitet als WiFi-Hotspot, Verbindungsmöglichkeit von jedem Computer, Smartphone oder Tablet Zugriff auf die Tastenanschlagsdaten über den Webbrowser, […]

Hacking Like Mr Robot

Hacking like Mr. Robot Part 5 – Malware USB Sticks

USB sticks actually serve as storage media, but USB sticks can also be used as attack tools. The curiosity of what is probably for data on a found USB stick, entices many people to simply plug the USB stick into their computer. Once that happens, attackers have many options. In this tutorial, I’ll show you […]

Hacking Like Mr Robot

Hacking like Mr. Robot Part 4 – Social Engineering

You would not borrow your phone to a stranger in a hoodie? In one episode, Elliot asks Krista’s friend if he can use his cell phone to make a phone call. Then he calls himself and gets the phone number  of the victom and finally, access to many more private information. The exploitation of trust […]

AirDrive - Hardware USB Keylogger mit Wi-Fi

AirDrive Keylogger – Hardware USB Keylogger with Wi-Fi

The AirDrive Keylogger is one of the smallest keyloggers on the market. He has a Wi-Fi function and builds his own network. For about 50 euros the hardware USB keylogger with Wi-Fi is available on Amazon. Overview Smallest keylogger on the market with a length of only 0.8 “(21mm) Works as a WiFi hotspot, connectivity […]