Important Hacking Sources And Links

In this article I have compiled important Hacker sources and links. Of course, not everyone needs all of these sources and links. That’s why I’ve divided them up according to certain areas of application. If you are missing an important source, I would be happy if you could write it to me in the comments […]

Wi-Fi adapter for Kali Linux 2020

In this post I will introduce some Wi-Fi adapters for Kali Linux. Not every Wi-Fi adapter works with Kali Linux for Wi-Fi hacking. This is due to the different chipsets which are installed in the adapters. The chipsets must be put into monitor mode and they must support packet injection to hack both WEP and […]

Kali Linux – Difference between update and upgrade

Before any installation in Kali Linux, or Linux in general, the operating system should be updated. This is usually done through the terminal with an update and an upgrade command. But what are the differences? And is the succession important? How to install Kali Linux on the Raspberry Pi, I’ll show you in this tutorial […]

Kali Linux – The Lazy Script

The lazy script for Kali Linux makes your life easier, because it makes some processes faster. The developer Aris Melachroinos wrote the lazy script (also known as lscript) for Kali Linux to automate many processes. In this tutorial, I’ll show you step by step how to install the lazy script in Kali Linux. How to […]

Man-in-the-Middle – Pumpkin Pi – WiFi Pumpkin

A man-in-the-middle attack puts you between the victim and the Internet and pretends to be a Wi-Fi network, while every packet that flows through the connection is secretly intercepted. WiFi Pumpkin is a rogue AP framework that lets you easily create these fake networks. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to install this framework […]

Kali Linux hard disk installation

The Kali Linux hard disk installation is a simple process. First, you need compatible computer hardware. Kali is supported on i386, amd64 and ARM platforms. The hardware requirements are minimal although better hardware naturally offers better performance. In this tutorial, I will install Kali Linux on a Dell Latitude E6500 with a hard drive as […]

Kali Linux Terminal Befehle

Kali Linux Terminal Commands A – Z

Overview of the most important Kali Linux Terminal commands (shell commands) sorted from A – Z. If you are using more commands that are not listed here, I´m looking forward to a note in the comments at the end of the article. How to install Kali Linux on a Raspberry Pi I show you in […]

Hacking Like Mr Robot

Hacking like Mr. Robot Part 1 – Raspberry Pi

Personally, I really like the TV series Mr. Robot, as the hacks are presented realistically. No animated viruses moving across the screen, as shown in many other series and movies, but, for example, real command lines in Kali Linux. Raspberry Pi 3 The Hacking Raspberry Pi in Episode 4 In episode 4 of Season One, […]

Kali Linux BASH Shortcuts

Kali Linux BASH Shortcuts

The BASH has many important shortcuts that can be very useful in everyday use with the BASH. I have listed the most important BASH shortcuts here. The function of BASH Shortcuts is provided by the GNU Readline library. Tutorial – Kali Linux Hard Disk Installation Tutorial – Installing Kali Linux on the Raspberry Pi Shortcut […]

Kali Linux auf dem Raspberry Pi Installieren

Install Kali Linux on the Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is also suitable for hacking along with many other applications and you can install Kali Linux on the Raspberry Pi. Of course, one should not expect extreme benefits from the computer the size of a credit card, but there are many practical uses such as for a mobile hacking station and with […]